20KG Treadle Hen Feeder

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20KG Treadle Hen Feeder

20kg Treadle feeder, that will keep wild birds at bay and is also weather proof.

To teach your hens to use this feeder, simply place a heavy object on the treadle and leave for a few days until hens are used to getting their feed, then remove the object and as soon as they step onto the treadle the food becomes immediately available.
Dimensions: 37w x 23d x 66h (cm) 


Please watch video below.




Well worth the money and small effort to assemble. Chickens got used to it within a couple of days. Only feeds two chickens at a time, so others have to queue, but very pleased with it. Delivery quite quick too. Micahel Davids - Dublin
Looks well made, works well for our hens. Didnt take long for them to get the hang- only a couple of days. Holds about 3 weeks feed for our three chickens - saves us alot of effort, and it makes less waste too! Peter Farr London


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