Pallet Dismantling Bar

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Pallet Dismantling Bar

The WS dual headed Pallet Dismantling Bar is the most effective and efficient tool for manually stripping the planks from the stringers on used wooden pallets so that the timbers can be reclaimed, recycled or re-used for other purposes.


With a little practice, a standard wooden pallet can be stripped in about 2 minutes without damaging any of the timbers.


The bars have been designed and manufactured specifically for stripping both 2 way and 4 way wooden pallets (including most none standard size pallets), and incorporate 2 ergonomically designed heads; one head is suitable for pallets with stringers up to 2 inches (50mm) wide, and the second head is suitable for pallets with stringers from 2 inches (50mm) to 4 inches (100mm) wide.


If you are stripping wooden pallets to provide fuel for a wood burner or an open fire place, you will not find a better tool than one of these bars for stripping pallets prior to sawing or chopping the timbers to a suitable length.



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