WS Kindling Machine

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WS Kindling Machine

The ideal machine for making perfect fire kindling.  Suitable for commercial or private  use.


Great for broken pallets or scaffold board.


Email us to see a video of this machine in operation

Output: 100 bags per hour


Technical Spec:


Self lubricating system installed


Max Wood Width: 250mm (8")


Max Wood Thickness: 50mm (2")


Voltage: 230V-50Hz


Power: 1HP


GW: 130Kg


Size: 42"x33"x41"


Output: 100 bags per hour


24 month warranty








"A great kindling machine for the money. We have been using this machine for 9 months now and are getting great value for money.
Strong and duarable thanks again "  
"I would like to compliment your  engineers for their dedication on designing this machine. I recently bought the machine at SEMA. I have been putting off buying one for about 3 years. I couldn't be happier with the purchase. I have a small yard and thisis just the right size. There is a lot of quality at a reasonable price .   Great output  and good quality kindling as a result !!"

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