10 Ton Auto Log Splitter

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10 Ton Auto Log Splitter

  • The FM10 electric duocut log splitter complete with duocut blade, stand, and ramstop
  • Duocut blade optimises splitting capacity by using two splitting blades rather than one producing similar results to a 10 Ton log splitter
  • Powerful 2200 watt motor, energy saving which doesn’t use electricity when not in cycle
  • Fully adjustable cycle (with ramstop) to match log lengths for quick log splitting
  • Produces 5T force that splits logs with a Max Log Diameter of 500mm with Duocut blade

We manufacture high quality innovative products for logging which includes log saw horses/holders, electric log splitters, manual log splitters, and log bench jaws for workmates. We aim for our products to provide the safest, easiest, and most comfortable experience for our customers. The patent pending Duocut FM10 is a heavy duty log splitter which uses a 220-240V/50Hz electric hydraulic motor capable of splitting logs up to 520mm in length by generating 5 tonnes of force. The energy saving motor ensures that unnecessary energy is not wasted by only using power when in cycle rather than constantly using energy like other branded electric log splitters. The FM10 is CE approved, weather tested to IP54, and uses a standard 30 amp three pin plug. This set comes with the FM10 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter (R.R.P: £199.95), Heavy Duty Duocut Blade (R.R.P: £29.95), matching colour Electric log splitter stand trolley (R.R.P: £29.95) The Heavy Duty Duocut Blade works together with stationary blade to optimise the splitting capacity of the log splitter by using two splitting blades rather than one. The benefits of the additional blade are that you can split harder and knotted wood more easily than using just a push devise and stationary blade meaning you get the most out of your log splitter producing similar results to a 10 Ton log splitter. The additional Duocut Blade has also been tested to split logs up to 0.5m in diameter! The blade is also easy to attach by bolting it on to replace the push device. The included stand trolley allows the user to safely operate the log splitter at a comfortable working height without placing it unsecured on a table top or on unlevel ground. The stand’s length adjusts up to 84cm and gives a working height of 73cm. The stand wheels allow for the log splitter to be more portable and manageable. The stand also comes with the same colour as the log splitter (red).  The Duocut blade has a European community design registration. All products come with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and are compliant with the latest safety regulations




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A excellent machine, very sturdily built. Much stronger than it looks in the pictures.  PETER JAMESOCT 2012  DUBLIN

I have just tried it out on part seasoned knotty wood and it was effortless. quality machine  MARY KELLY MAY 2013  LONDON 


It makes wood splitting truly effortless - I've yet to find a log it even starts to struggle with, and using our own woodland some of the logs I've cut are tough and not yet fully seasoned.  JOHN DALY  AUG 2013 GLASGOW 





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