Manual Log Splitter

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Manual Log Splitter

Manual Log Splitter

With a 10 year warranty included.

Delivery anywhere in the UK using fully tracked courier.

Galvanised and Zinc plated....this is made to last..

(No one else offers the galvanised finish on ebay!)

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Splits logs up to a metre in diameter.

This manual log splitter is safe and simple to operate - much safer than an axe!

It works by positioning the log under the semi static blade, raising up 'the weight' and then 'throwing it' along the guide pole.
The force is transferred to the blade, which will be thrust into the log.
Small logs can be split in one 'throw', larger logs will take a few goes.

BUT all the time you are safe in the knowledge that the blade will hit the right spot every time (unlike an axe!)

* Total assembled height from base 140cm
* Weight of the 'striking weight' - 3.3kg
* Total weight of the log splitter - 9.5kg
* Drill hole diameter - 20mm
* Drilling depth required - 12cm
* Distance between hole and edge required - 8cm
* Height of base - 35cm

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