Customer reviews reference the copper wire stripper products:

"I have had this drill stripper for 2 weeks now and the time and effort it has saved is easily worth the cost.
I use a fair bit of scrap cable and this has been one of the best tools I have ever bought.

Thank you Again" John (Plymouth) 27 Dec 2012

"The first time I tried the tool it did the job perfectly.I am sure the more I use this tool the faster I will get. Paid for itself in 3 weeks,
Great job"
By Gary Smith - ] on 10 Oct 2010

"Just bought a WS100 stripping tool,best machine I have ever using for the scrap cable wire,no more stanley knife for me"
Peter Young, Salford Manchester Dec 2010

"Bought the new drill stripper for DIY great speed , fast payback!"
J. Carson Finland

"Many thanks for a great product the ws200 is a great tool, best of luck"
G. Fransen New York

"Great Idea Many Thanks again"
Peter Graham, Parsons Green London

"Bought a Ws 200 paid for itself in 2 weeks , Great Tool thanks again."
J Scott Toronto Canada Jan 2013

"Just got the WS200 last month, unreal tool for stripping the copper cable, I have my money back already."

"Christie Mc Veigh, Belfast Tool just landed, its great no more cut fingers here thanks."
P Morris Dublin, Oct 2010

"Bought the WS AUTO we got £5.00 per kilo in stripped copper and paid for cable stripper in 3 weeks.
Many thanks for a good tool and great service."

William Law Paris, January 2013

"WS DRILL STRIPPER, Great,paid for itself after 4hours work!!"
Jonathon Devlin, Dungannon Co. Tyrone, June 2011

"Genius product,works like a DREAM,I recommend this drill copper stripper, 5 Stars!"
Edmund Mullen, Tullylagan House, Preswich Manchester, June 30 th 2013

"Superb piece of kit, this ws drill stripper has paid for itself 10 times over in 3 days.
My brother has now bought one. Thanks again"